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“Making Money is Killing Your Business” is named Business Book of the Year

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NFIB, the leading small business association with 500,000 businesses, has named my book, Making Money is Killing Your Business, the number one business book of 2010.

The National Federation of Independent Businesses, or NFIB, rated it #1 because they thought it has the most potential for real impact in the lives of the readers.

Readers are indeed finding their lives and businesses transformed by the principles and practical in this book.

“Never in my life have I read a book so full of transformational content that actually got me creating a better business for myself.” – Julia Gentry,

“Every small business owner will benefit from this easy yet profound read. I was ready to throw in the towel on our six-year-old real estate business, but after reading Chuck’s book we have increased our gross revenue by 27% and doubled our net profit.” – Sandy Corrigan, The Corrigan Group

Making Money is built on profoundly simple ideas that have been around forever and ignored as being too simple to work. I’ve learned the hard way that the profound things are always simple and will revolutionize any business willing to give up complexity for effectiveness.

Making Money helps business owners move from a focus on trying to make money to building a business that does it for them while they’re on vacation. It debunks the idea that small business is a 30 year grind, and introduces the concept of building a business in just three to five years that runs itself.

Making Money also replaces the traditional concept of retirement with using your business to quickly build your Ideal Lifestyle, moving you and your business from survival through success to significance.

The principles and tools in this book grew out of years of hacking it up in the trenches and learning what really works. It’s been a privilege to start and build a number of businesses before helping others do it. I don’t see myself as a business coach, advisor, consultant, etc., but as a guy who built a number of businesses and now helps others avoid the mistakes I’ve made.

My company, The Crankset Group has an off the grid approach that has been adopted by thousands of business owners. We’re growing internationally now with 3to5 Clubs (our committed communities for 24 business owners each) starting in throughout the states and in Europe, with an objective of having 3to5 Clubs in every major city in the world.

It’s also been a privilege to have articles and mentions in the last year in Harvard Business Review, Entrepreneur Magazine,,, other magazines and small business blogs throughout the U.S., Australia, and New Zealand.

I firmly believe Making Money is Killing Your Business inspires a new way of thinking that will transform how you approach your business and your future. I’m getting regular feedback from people we’ve never met who confirm it.

I’d love to hear how it’s impacting your business.

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Francisco Sáez


Congratulations, Chuck! I’m reading it right now—chapter 4 so far—and I have to say that, to me, it’s very motivating. My startup is still on Stage One. I have a long way to go…

Colin Pape


Congratulations Chuck!

I’m really not surprised that you won though…

Making Money Is Killing Your Business has become one of our key business resources, and we actively distribute copies to our partners and clients because of the superb value it offers.

I’ve read many, many books on building and growing businesses, but never before have I encountered one that offers such effective advice in a simple-to-follow and practical format.

The process mapping section is of particular value, and the way you break it down into the 7 stages of business maturity makes so much sense. It’s a great road map that anyone can follow to business success.

We’ve made considerable progress towards developing our mature business since integrating your processes and principles into our company, and we’re just getting started!

Thank you for sharing your considerable knowledge and experience with the world through this product.

I look forward to helping spread the word about MMIKYB – it’s hands down one of the best investments a business owner can make to ensure their success.


Colin Pape

Disclosure: Chuck is a member of our board of advisors – after reading his book we knew we needed to work with him! :)

Doug Root



Congrats on your recognition!

As I tell my associates and clients: your book is dynamite! I have given away several copies. (OK, I sold some, too). If I had your book 15 years ago, I would have enjoyed my business even MORE than I do now.

Now, I start my new consulting clients off by having them read your book. Then, with the framework you espouse, we begin work on their businesses, so they can make more money in less time, and enjoy their business AND their life.

You book is improving the lives of business owners. I have personally seen many of my clients (and business owners who aren’t clients, too) improve their businesses and their lives by implementing your concepts.

Again, Congratulations.

Doug Root



Thanks Francisco!

Colin – it’s such a privilege to be whatever part I can play in making and the success it’s going to be worldwide.

Doug – it’s great to have guys like you who have already built mature businesses out there helping others do it!

Lyric Turner


Chuck, this is great news! Congratulations!

I credit the concepts touted in MMIKYB for the growth and success of my company this past year. I would be in a completely different place mentally and with my business if it wasn’t for your “education”. I was on an exhausting treadmill of trying to make money for my business (while desperately wishing for someone to come and buy me out) and I have since turned the business around to being a source of income, fun and satisfaction that will most likely pay dividends to me well into retirement — I will never have to SELL my business in order to avoid the headaches.

I highly recommend this book to any small business owner— everyone from those looking for respite from the “grind” to those looking for an inspiring fresh perspective on taking their business to the next level!

Thanks Chuck!

Lyric Turner
Red House Staging & Interiors

Jen Orvis



Congrats. Making Money is FANTASTIC! I use it as a resource and have put it in the hands of many grateful business owners.

I hear there are more books coming that will most likely have more “profoundly simple” nuggets…put me in the presale list!

Way to Go…Keep on Conating…We need you!

Jen Orvis
Business Broker – ProForma West M & A




It’s been my privilege to work with you and your biz! Looking forward to seeing that explosive growth continue throughout 2010, but with less buying of furniture – ha!


Thanks for your raving fan-ness this year. You’re resolve and clear thinking are a challenge to me and to us all!

Julia Gentry


Chuck, you never cease to amaze me. And push me to further greatness. Who would have ever thought that a business man who took a risk 4 years ago would have accomplished all that you have accomplished. We are blessed to call you a friend, blessed to call you a mentor, and excited to have you 5 steps ahead of us in this journey of life!




Thanks for being such a big part of the journey and a shining example of someone committed to building a business that is transformative in the world around you.

Tom Fanning



Happy New Year and what a happy, though not surprising, acknowledgment for MMIKYB!

More than many other approaches I’ve encountered to creating value through building a business, this focus on business maturity and simple, tangible steps to doing so is incredibly powerful.

I get that this is just the beginning of a movement that will truly transform the lives of many business owners along with many others in their respective communities. I see it also positively addressing a real time (21st century) condition we’re operating in.

Thank you for your commitment and leadership to bringing a new, actionable narrative to the game. It’s great!

Tom Fanning
Founder/Chief Inspiration Officer
TF Partners LLC


Tom Fanning



Happy New Year and what a happy acknowledgement to start 2011!

For all the approaches one can use toward creating value through building a business, the approach your work and the language of MMIKYB takes is as useful as anything I’ve encountered.

I get that this is just the beginning of a movement which will be transforming the lives of many business owners and the communities in which they live and serve.

It is exciting to see the recognized value this is already bringing to those who are embracing its principles, including myself.

Thanks for your intention, diligence, and leadership in making such a positive difference this past year.

2011 will be even greater, me thinks!

Tom Fanning
Founder/Chief Inspiration Officer
TF Partners LLC

Kate Warren


Chuck this accolade is richly deserved and a true testament to the power of getting intentional about the business of work. I take my hat off to you!




Thanks, Kate! Looking forward to being with you in England in March!

Andy Haynes


Hey Chuck
Who’d have thunk it – a quick meal in a restaurant by an airport led to me reading your book and involving you in my business.
Really looking forward to stage 6/7 and the CA sunshine!
Congrats and I look forward to working with you in 2011 (and forever probably!)
Best Andy




It is my privilege to be standing with you and Jez as you run toward your Business Maturity Date. What a great excuse you are go to England as often as possible and ride bike!



Update – April 2011 – MMIKYB is now being translated to Chinese on the mainland – we have someone speaking there next month. And the Bank of Ireland named it one of their top five business books. Really privileged to be making this impact in the lives of business owners.

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